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There is much to see in Skövde and the surrounding area. Billingen is one of Västergötland’s plateau mountains and offers an unbelievably beautiful nature during all seasons

Billingens recreation area offers a variety of activities and adventures both summer and winter. Here there are several miles of walking trails that go past the campsite.
In the winter these turn into beautiful white sparkling ski tracks.

When the snow has settled, no less than 40 kilometers of ski trails plus 16 kilometers of wilderness trails are prepared. Of these, 10 km is artificial snow in electric light tracks, with a width of 12 meters for both ways.

If you need to rent equipment, there are several options.

Billingens ice rink is centrally located on the mountain about 200 meters walk from the campsite reception. This is an art-frozen ice rink run by Skövde Bandy. The public is offered to skate during special times.

Sundays 10 am – 10 pm
Wednesdays 5 pm – 10 pm
Monday – Friday 9am – 3pm (without snow removal)

Billingebadet is said to be the bath with Sweden’s most beautiful views, and it is only 200 meters from the campsite. In clear weather you can see all the way to Östergötland. The Billing bath is an outdoor swimming pool where you can swim in a 50-meter, a children’s and a splash pool.

For those of you who feel like taking it a little quieter or have a hard time walking, there is a paved and illuminated walking trail around Lake Åsbotorpssjön also this just outside the camping area itself. Here you will also find the much appreciated SkogsmulleKingdom

Experience the 12.4 kilometer long Trollstigen trail. An urban walk, but where you are still in the middle of Billingen’s forests. Here you wander through the picturesque Rhododendron Valley and after a few kilometers you reach the eastern side of Billingen where you can experience the stately slides and enjoy the majestic view of Ryd’s caves. There is also a barbecue area which is ideal for a picnic stop where the legs and feet can rest and you can enjoy a cozy lunch with a view of the hills. On the way back you pass through the popular SkogsmulleKingdom.