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At Billingen stugby och camping we work for a sustainable development.

The first ten cabains at our resort was built as early as 1985 after which it have expanded to what we are today. We work with ongoing maintenance of the entire facility to keep the premises fresh and long lasting. For several years now, we have had solar panels on the roof of the service building that supply energie for all the showers, kitchens and the laundry room with the hot water that is used during the bright part of the year. In the service house and in the hostel we also have low-fluch shower heads, something we also plan to put in the cabins when we fins the right model. Virtually all the lightning we use are led. In the area we transport ourselves with an electric “golf cart”, both to sav our legs and for the enviroment. Most repairs that need to be done are carried out by our own caretakers, but if we need to hire craftsmen, we prefer to hire local craftsmen and choose local suppliers as much as possible. Our staff mainly comes from the immediate area. We are working actively with our finicial profitability as it is important to be able to invest in the future both in terms of personal and sustainable slutions.